Reservation Policy

Reservations are preferable to ensure prompt service and satisfactory table arrangements. Reservations for breakfast and lunch require 24 hour advance notice. Every effort will be made to accommodate last-minute bookings and members with special time demands. À la carte menus are available for lunch and dinner. Special requests may be ordered in advance.

Reciprocal Clubs

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General Information

Hours of operation:

The Club shall be open Tuesday to Friday for the use of members from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. Meeting rooms are available from 7:00 a.m. with advance reservation.


Reservations are preferable to ensure prompt service and satisfactory table arrangements. A 24-hour notice is required for breakfast and lunch reservations. A minimum of $150 revenue is required for breakfast. Table d'hôte menus are available for lunch and dinner. Special requests may be ordered in advance.

Club function cancellation policy:

A 50% cancellation charge will apply if reservations for Club functions are not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Reservation of the entire dining room:

Members may request the exclusive reservations of the dining room for groups of 25 or more at dinners, weddings, business meetings, etc., upon payment of a fee.

Additional equipment:

Additional equipment or supplies (i.e. china, glassware, tables, chairs, etc.) which are required will be ordered and handled by the Club and will be billed additionally to the member's account. Any additional staff, if required by the member will be charged as an extra cost on their account.

Meeting Rooms:

Reservations may be made for a full day or a half day at prevailing rates. Refreshments and working luncheons are available at extra cost. All-inclusive meeting packages are also available.

Administration Charge:

A supplementary charge of 15% will be added to all food and beverage services.

Special wines:

A wine list is available at the Club. Members wishing to be served a particular wine, (not listed on wine list) should give adequate notice to the Club. A corkage fee of $20 per bottle will apply.

Proper attire:

Gentlemen must wear jackets at all times; tie is optional. Business casual attire is acceptable for meetings and luncheons in private rooms. Special events may provide for a relaxed dress code. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that their guests are properly attired. Jeans are prohibited.


Members are asked to register the names of their guests in the guest book. As per the Club Constitution, spouses of members may entertain in the Club at any time.

Cellular phones and business documents:

To avoid disturbance to other members, briefcases, cellular phones and business papers are not allowed in the dining room or living room. Private meeting rooms are available for this purpose.

Club stationery:

No member or guest shall use the Club's name or address for any communications intended for publication.

Club Property:

No member shall remove from the Clubhouse any book, map, or other article, that is the property of the Club. Club property that may be broken or damaged by a member or his guest will be reported to the General Manager and shall be paid for by the member concerned.


Members may entertain children under 8 years of age upon the approval of the General Manager. Infants cannot be accommodated and all children are expected to remain at their seats during the entire meal. Members are responsible for minors at all times.


Members' pets are not allowed on the Club property or in the Clubhouse.


Smoking of cigarettes or cigars is not permitted within the Clubhouse.

By-Laws and Regulations:

Each member receives a copy of the Constitution and Regulations upon election to the Club. Please contact the General Manager for any additional information.

Club year:

The Club's fiscal year runs from May 1st to April 30th the following year.

Annual general meeting:

The annual general meeting of members is held in the month of June on a date determined by the Committee. A written notice of the annual general meeting is mailed to each member at least 10 days prior.

Winter break:

The Club usually closes on December 23rd for a period of three weeks.

Suggestions and Complaints:

All suggestions, comments concerning the staff, food, beverages and service should be addressed to the General Manager.

House Accounts:

Members' accounts shall be mailed to them at the beginning of each month and shall be due and payable upon receipt of such invoice.