Exclusivity. Luxury. Prestige.

Since 1884, the Forest & Stream Club’s mandate is to solidify its position as the only exclusive private social club located on the West Island of Montreal, offering excellent facilities in an atmosphere which combines the ambiance of old-world tradition with modern amenities required by today’s discerning member. The Club ranks among the country’s premier member-owned private clubs. The Club is run as a business with an eye to the bottom line while retaining the “club feeling” so cherished by its membership. A meeting place for fellowship and social activity in a traditional setting.

In addition to providing a venue reminiscent of an English manor,
The Forest & Stream Club offers:

  • A personalized welcome to each member and his or her guests, so they feel at home
  • A staff which is devoted and attentive to the specific requirements of each individual
  • World class cuisine, second to none
  • Seven meeting rooms of different sizes, configurations and layouts which can accommodate from 2 to up to 50 people
  • A terrace and garden available for holding receptions, weddings, conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Privileged invitations to special events held throughout the year
  • Private cellar at the Club for members, so they may enjoy their pre-selected wines at the Club
  • Annual Wine Show whereby members can taste special imports and order exclusive wines
  • Free parking for members and their guests
  • Access to various affiliated clubs in major cities across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.

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